Right, pictures!

They’re in a vague order of newest to oldest images…

This was the very first ‘finished-ish’ Ratty. He’s made with an old placard for a university protest, his ears and tail are recycled material scraps.

 This was the first experiments with glueing the threads of the pivots (to keep tension on the layers & therefore make them able to hold their own weight) and it works really well! Left in position for even a few days they hold position very well.

 …and this is the professional photograph of one of ’em for our degree brochure. He’s made with old laminate floor-boards, saved from landfill. He measures about 80cm, nose to tail and is fairly heavy as he was cut before I had the revelation about removing all the internal weight.

Unfortunately the photograph had to be portrait to fit the layout of the brochure…and I already had an image of a Rat standing up on the opposite page… but I do quite like how it looks like he’s been caught in the spotlight of something…from doing something bad 😀

This is an early cardboard prototype with contours, jaw mechanism (which you can’t see, it’s oh-so-clever) ;P and ear-fixing problems ironed out with the addition of a few more outer layers on the head.

 The two above are previous cardboard prototypes. It was after playing with these that I had the idea of contouring the outer layers to make them more realistic and pleasing as they were pretty bulky. I do really like the idea of having  few ‘Rats with Wings’ in my show, it’s a bit tongue in cheek, but will have to see if I have the time to fully develop a wing I’m happy with!

 …and this is an EVEN earlier model, this was before I’d worked out which layers went where. It was lovely to see the pieces working together and I enjoyed playing around and putting it in different positions, comparing with real-life rat images to make sure it had the right characteristics and dimensions.

Started looking at how the legs were going to make a working joint that didn’t over-extend.

These were very early versions, I hadn’t looked at real rats deliberately so I’d be drawing from imagined stereotypes. I wanted them skinny & scrawny and nasty looking…but I eventually fell out of love with them because they just weren’t Ratty enough and I don’t think people would ever really like them… so the design was scrapped and I started again from fresh and ended up with the shape you see above 🙂


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