Rat idea initially came from spending the summer of 2011 living life on the fringes of society and identifying with the stereotyped Rat character.

I slept rough (through choice, despite renting a lovely house, don’t worry, I wasn’t homeless!) in a variety of locations around the city… I can honestly say that waking up at sunrise under a fresh blue sky is one of the most amazing experiences. Even camping can’t compare because you’re still ‘inside something’. Going back within four walls feels quite alien after a night in the wild…

I explored abandoned buildings, raided skips for food, went weeks without spending money, helped friends out in exchange for food, swam in lakes and rivers, cycled everywhere, made some wonderful new friends…it was wonderful. I felt properly free and floaty…

It did all have to end though… I found it very difficult to re-focus myself on my course and having a routine and schedule… but I did, eventually! They’re quite bitter-sweet memories as I’ll never have that time again, but that makes it even more precious. I wanted my work this year to come from those experiences I had 🙂

I went through quite a lot of different ideas before deciding to make my own swarm of rats to come exploring with me in future…


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