Latest Ratty Pictures!

Well, I’ve mostly been getting on with building up the parts I’m getting back from the laser cutter, but (typically) the sandblaster is out of action at uni…meaning I can’t clean up the final pieces…so I have a backlog of about 5-6 acrylic Rats!

The laser cutter is booked up until the middle of May, meaning I’m just going to have to suck it up and outsource…expensive! But worth it as I should be able to make some metal versions from reclaimed galvanised steel (I’ll have to double check this) which used to be a trailer…

Anyway, this is a *nearly* finished BIG acrylic Rat, from a cutting before I took out a lot of the interior weight and recessed the joints on the design…so he’s a bit of a heavy FrankenRat with his bolts sticking out… which is why he has shiny red & (fake) leather ears & tail…he’s Frank-N-FurteRat (of Rocky Horror fame)…tedious link maybe, but the people I’ve told have liked the association… Ha 🙂

Annnnd this is the latest, two little Ratties cut from a sheet of MDF I found on the street, by a bin. There were bootprints on it, it needed cleaning up and drying out, then flattening under some heavy weights…but finally ready… Looking forward to building these up, they’re kind-of twins if they’re from the same sheet aren’t they? 


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