Starting decor on the recycled poster board Ratties…

Bin-side MDF Rat has newspaper decor & pink floral ears & tail 🙂

Stencil detail on an acrylic leg… they’re working really nicely, really rough, urbanised look which sets the scene exactly. I was thinking of buying an airbrush to make it neater, but actually I’m really enjoying the process of using splattery spray-cans, the run-off, the mess, it’s all part and parcel of the characters I’m creating. 

Peel off of large tree stencil was very delicate! I think this image is my favourite as it’s sort of a metaphor for life and decision making…following branches of endless possibility… I like the idea that there aren’t ‘Right’ and ‘Wrong’ ways, just different ones which lead you down different paths… *getting all whimsical*…


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