Dapper Rat- He’s made with the back of a picture frame which had been thrown away. I really like the rough surface, you can’t really see it in the picture, but it’s kinda a waffley-texture…so I’ve contrasted it with smooth black surfaces. He looks a bit like an Alsation…

My beloved desk space! I’m going to miss uni so much, so I’ve taken photos to remember it… I think I may have to invest in a table like this though, it’s been invaluable in terms of working space & storage…

I’m not sure why these have loaded with a reflection underneath…ahh well… This is the bigger 8cm head Rat on 3mm reclaimed MDF, so he’s going to be a bit of a skinny one in comparison to to 6cm head ones on the same thickness, but then I have some chunky 6cm’s on 4mm…and I suppose it’s appropriate that they come in all different shapes & sizes like we do!

…aaand I’m not sure why the resolution is so bad on these…but this is two unfinished Ratties curled up in the box I’m using to carry all my ‘Making Stuff’ around in, thought they looked quite sweet 😀


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