Other stuff…

Few pics of the other things I’ve been squeezing into my limited laser bookings…

One little piggie made with second year’s drawings, unfinished but hopefully you get the idea. Going to cut more & then they’re going straight into the shop.

Filthy, spray-paint-covered hand included for scale…I’m an art student, I’m *supposed* to be messy… 😉

Tiiiiny little piggies! These are so small that I’ve lost a few of the inside-jaw pieces… 😦 I think I’ll bump the scale up a bit and do some more, they’re fiddly but fun. Piglest (typo but I like it, so it’s staying) I guess…

Again, I don’t really understand why my phone’s messing these pictures up, but never mind… Hoss & Pig brooches available in DA3 shop in Nottingham, in between Boots & KFC (classy…) up at The Victoria Centre. More coming soon as I have time to finish them! Rat designs on their way too…


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