Degree Show!

It’s up now, open to the public, until the 12th June in The Atrium, Bonington Building, Nottingham Trent University. Keep an eye out for escaped Ratties around the room… ;P 
I’m so proud of myself, I’ve truly never worked harder on anything in my life, so this feels like such an achievement, whatever grade I eventually get! The feedback from strangers & friends alike has all been so positive, means such a lot to hear other people appreciate the time, effort and thought that has gone into making them. 
They are for sale, (three have already got homes lined up) but won’t be available until mid July, after potentially exhibiting at New Designers (EVERYTHING crossed that I get chosen to go!). Prices are between £60 and £200, so it really depends on the one that’s wanted 🙂 
Hopefully getting professional photographs of each Rat individually done & up soon, my camera skillz are sorely lacking, and I don’t feel mine really capture their spirits…

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