Beginnings of a Horse…

Having had a few days for the harsh reality of finishing to sink in, I find myself getting overly excited about the start of the next design… I kinda want to make him a Pegasus, a Unicorn… something magical and mythical and beautiful…all from old recycled stuff…but will start off with Horse I think… 

First few sketches… now begins hours of watching videos of horses, getting movements right, working out best places for pivots, moving lines millimetres… then the start of cardboard models, layers, widths, depths, balance… then perfecting the drawings…then first laser cuttings… it’s a long process…but I absolutely love it.

It’s kinda leading on from a project I already did, in my first year… which at the time I was really proud of, but now I only see the mistakes… SO, with changes, and all that I’ve learned…I’m going to make a better one…

…an arching neck….using laser-cutting…layering instead of carving…being more honest with articulation & pivots… using reclaimed stuff… yes. I’m looking forward to seeing this herd…


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