Articulating neck…

Neck Movements
I can’t decide if it (the neck) is a touch too long… side by side with IRL horse images it looks right… but then…I dunno…
Real version printed out to be played with, then tweaked… then printed out again, then twaeked again until every shape is perfect.
I love working in vectors… Sometimes, after a few hours on a pc, I feel like I’ve disappeared completely into a vector-land where everything can be tweaked and rotated, stroked and scaled… It’s a little worrying that I dream in Illustrator commands… A real-life ctrl-z would be amazing… as would a ctrl-c-ctrl-v… with cake and stuff…
Industry Private View tonight!! Very excited. I considered dressing up quite-posh-like…but I have blue dreadlocks & matching eyebrows… I’m not going to be convincing anyone I’m a sophisticated fashonista type. So I’m wearing a dress with stars and planets on 🙂
And the amazingly talented Mr Ralph Barklam came and took a load of photos of the show for me! His Facebook! They looked amazing on the camera display, really capturing their sneaky little chaRATchters ;P
Also, picked up my Pig-Bits from the studio, so will assemble them and put a few in the shop for the last few days, otherwise they’ll be up on my Etsy shop soon enough.
I think that’s quite enough for now… 🙂

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