Latest image of how the Horse is going to look. Similarly to the rat, the layers are differently shaped (the best way to explain it is that it’s like contour-lines on a map) so it has a more curved shape in 3D, instead of a solid block. First laser cutting is on Wednesday 20th, really looking forward to seeing how the layers work together… you can get it quite close in Google Sketchup, but nothing beats actually handling it in real life to see what adjustments need to be made… Want it done quickly as I’m going down to London for a face-to-face meeting with a gallery down there! Very very excited and hopeful, but even if nothing more comes of it I’ll still be really flattered to have been selected in the first place!

 And this is the first mock-up of the Pig I’ve had on the boil (so to speak!) for a while, it’s a much simpler design than the Rat or Horse, but still quite effectively ‘Piggy’ I think 😀 Think they will interact quite nicely together as a herd, maybe get a little trough and a fence…I’m such a child…haha 😀


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