And now for something a bit different…

Am I dreaming? 

19in wide
24in tall
Acrylic on skip-wood

I haven’t painted properly in a long time, especially anything of this size or subject… seem to want to do self-portraits around times of change… but then I’ve only ever done two. Or maybe all my work is a self-portrait…

Anyway, it’s not finished yet, it’s inspired by the idea of lucid dreaming, which I’m trying to train my brain to do, I’m going to work back into it a lot more with hidden images and abstract stuff, but I’m pretty happy with it so far 🙂

In other news, just confirmed the cutting of my new commission piece, along with some other bits and pieces and a little white Ratty (which I think I’ll call LabRat) as it’s been too long since I made one. Will take it round a few galleries and see what they think, I really do need to market myself better! Will get some nice images of the horse commission too… Ideal Christmas presents maybe?

So here’s an image of what makes a Horse- like a 3d jigsaw puzzle 🙂


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