Recently I’ve been…

So, amidst all the thoughts of ‘Where am I going to live/work?’ and a severe (not really, I’m being dramatic) case of man-flu, I’ve done a few things. I haven’t drawn horses for a while, so I thought I should. I like the idea of heavy-Shire-horse Unicorns, rather than petite Arabian types. I’d quite like to do a series of these sketches to support my articulates… 
And then this little Chestnut Pony is my most recent 3D piece. I get the feeling it’s a ‘she’…and she had to have four white socks, despite all the horsey poems saying they’re bad! I’ve just picked up two lovely brown  fabrics for a two-tone mane and tail on this one. 
And this is a lovely photo sent by the paler Hare’s new owner! It’s so lovely to see them ‘in-situe’! And all my protective feelings are helped when I know it’s gone to a place where it will be treasured and loved 🙂
The workshop I use is currently moving house, to a bigger and better building with a huge amount of space! So while I’m waiting for the laser cutter to be set up there I’ve been thinking up new ideas- a team of 4-5 sea-horses, designed to look like the ‘White Horses’ you see on breaking waves. Maybe set as a group on a sweeping piece of wood… 
AND a large dappled grey shire horse, in wood. I think I’ll really enjoy making the markings, and I’ve always love dapples. 


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