While I was unable to use any laser cutters a few months ago, a verrrrry wonderful person cut the pieces for a large horse on a router… It’s taken a while to decide exactly what sort of style to finish it in (I was toying with the idea of making it ‘Steampunk’, with copper cogs etc, one for the future!), and sitting up watching a spectacular thunderstorm through my studio windows, lightning flashing across the black and grey skies- it came to me- a Storm-‘flavoured’ Horse!

So here’s his progress so far-

The metal ruler is a 30cm one, for an idea of scale. 

Washing over the whole body with indian ink. 
Will have more layers and detail added.

Mane and tail are different greys, deep blue/purples and blacks (including the recycled fabric from an umbrella, which I thought was very apt!) with shots of electric shimmery blue to represent lightning! Looking forward to see if it works as I imagine when I slice it all up… 
It’s been lovely working on something so much bigger and having different challenges at this scale- I’ve had to use metal ‘stoppers’ to prevent the joints over-extending, taking into account the added weight on the joints, and working in ply, which tends to look quite scruffy… But yes, it’s looking good from here 😀 


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