So- I’ve been doing a lot of practical, real-life making recently, and neglecting my development work- such as the wings. I hit a bit of a brick wall with them a few months ago, and only really just came up with a better solution than starting from scratch…

But still- here is what my screen looks like when I’m working on the drawings!

Each separate piece is articulated, and has to fit with the ones above and below. And then the feathers have to move smoothly over each other until they reach the point where they must stop when open/folded…

This is definitely My Everest! It’s coming along though, and recent requests for Ducks and Owls have spurred me on…

I’m also starting designs for Xmas… already! And really want to do something nice and beautiful and simple to counteract how stressful I find the wings! Possibly a little raptor…or a Mini-Ratty…

Punch, the Puppet horse is coming along too-

This little Ratty sold last week- off to Black Canyon in Arizona!!

And this guy is up for sale here- 
(reduced as he’s a slight second!) 

And this little Hare is on reserve, and then probably off to Australia!
All in all I’m quite content, despite post-festival (Shambala) blues! Lots on the way, many plans to keep me occupied. I’m considering moving back up North over Winter to watch Autumn in the countryside- the city can be so depressing as everything loses colour. But we shall see…
Storm is SO nearly finished, I just need to trim the ends of his leg bolts (need new hacksaw blades!) and give him a final coat of gloss, and then I’ll be off to find a suitable location to take some pictures… Probably Richmond Park, where I took photos of the first big Unicorns. Seems so long ago now!  


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