Allll day, drawing, drawing…

So, the dragon is coming along… I had (foolishly) anticipated getting the first prototype cut today…but as ever, I make it more and more complex and end up spending the entire day in front of my laptop, adjusting tiny lines and drinking coffee…

But it’s definitely getting there! I’ve calculated the size, if it’s cut from 3mm material…approx 60cm (inc tail) with the body coming in at about 30cm. Nice size I think 🙂 Like a small dog- a Lap Dragon, if you will…

It will have three toes and a rear-facing ‘thumb’ on each of it’s four feet, individually articulated, and designed to steal treasure! and tree branches… I’ve got a goal in my head- a photoshoot of the first one perching in a tree, grasping branches and about to take flight… But there’s a long way to go!

So, pictures-

This gives an idea of the scale (no pun intended) though I have thought about engraving scales onto the material…

I want the back legs to pass over the front, so it can curl up like the Ratties, so it’s got quite a wide rear end, but I think that’s good…stable…for flying and such… haha

Took quite a long time to get the drawings right for the back legs, having complete freedom is great, but getting it to look ‘right’ in my mind is actually harder! These are a sort of combination of dog/human style legs, with bird-feet. 

And just one layer… abstract, no? 😉 

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