Lots of Mini Horse/Unicorns!

Rose- Mini Commission off to IOWA! 

Herd of Unicorns, pre-horn-goldifying…

(SOLD) Pink! Lovely translucent acrylic…

There are two white acrylic ones, available here- https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/165767690/miniature-articulated-unicorn?

(Sold) And translucent Bl-Unicorn! 

And I have a special, one off Mini up my sleeve for Halloween! 😀 Watch this space! 
And two full scale horses, Moonlight and Midnight, who are drying as I type, ready to be sanded and airbrushed tomorrow. 
I ordered the wrong thickness of laser ply so the Elephants have had a bit of a set-back, however- I’m off to the workshop this week so should have some soon! Dragon prototype is looking good, lots of adjustments needed, slow progress, will upload some pics of the first head tomorrow when there’s better light in here! 


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