New Work! Two Hares and the first Little Elephant!!

Well, it’s been a busy few weeks, despite the laser cutter  being down, I had a few things to be getting on with… and here they are!

Two Hares, Caramel and Toffee, which I wanted to use really natural colours with 🙂
Caramel (the lighter one) is already sold but the darker Toffee is still looking for a new home!


For more pics have a look on- Toffee & Caramel  🙂

And now!!! The first fully complete Little Elephant! This one has been quite frustrating as the trunk connecting to the head is SO fiddly, in a small space and has to be very secure and strong…but I have cracked it now and so pleased I can actually start releasing them into the world, haha.

Ears, tail and trunk all have wire running through them so they can be posed in lots of different ways 🙂


Ears can be held forwards or backwards. 

Ever wanted an elephant to climb onto your hand? 


Need any pencils carrying? 
Hope you like! 
I’ve also had a very exciting email conversation over the past few days which I’m going to keep quiet for now, but there’s some really good stuff happening 😀 
AND the laser cutter has been fixed!! So on Monday I will be catching up on all the Little Deer orders, as well and a few more Hares, new projects and a very special Little White Horse 🙂 

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