Happy New Year! After a fairly exhausting run up to Christmas I’m pleased to be on the other side of it heading towards SPRING!!! I get incredibly excited as the days get that tiny bit longer and there’s the indescribable shift in the smell of the air (does anyone else notice this??) that signifies new growth and warmth and the promise of Summer…

Anyway! Introducing ‘Midnight’– the darker brother of ‘Moonlight’.

He’s a glossy blue-black with a golden star on his forehead. I’ve really enjoyed airbrushing for a deep, layered colour. His mane and tail are black cotton with golden highlights.

He has 21 points of articulation, including mouth/open and close for grazing/neighing. The neck arches and stretches very realistically- moves all the way down for grazing or held high as though startled.

The legs are articulated based on actual horse physiology and can hold a wide range of poses. He can support himself unaided on 3 legs (one raised) or placed on the stand for leaping/galloping. The metal pole flexes slightly to alter the body angle for rearing/bucking.

There is a posable wire acting as the ‘tail-bone’ so it can be held high or streamed out behind as he gallops.

The wind in his mane!
And here he is frolicking with Moonlight 🙂 
He is available for sale through my Facebook page, and then on Etsy. Many thanks for looking! 


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