News and Moving Studio! Again!

So I’ve been fairly quiet recently, packing up my life ready to move up to the countryside for a while, but have a few new things on the way… The Hound is adjusted and I’m cutting the first “Final’ one tomorrow, and this-

If you haven’t seen BlackFish yet you should… 
Orca’s are fascinating, so I thought I’d challenge myself with a completely different type of articulation… It’s hurting my head, but I’m determined to make it work, complete with lower jaw movement and little teeth! 
More Hares on the way (well it is the season!) and a medium sized Horse, who I’m trawling my box of fabric for interesting pieces for inspiration for the mane and tail. I have some gorgeous turquoise which I’d like to use for a few underwater-sea-horses… 
And also, I have been accepted to exhibit at New Designers, One Year On in June/July this year!! I applied with crossed fingers, eyes and toes, so I was absolutely delighted to be chosen! It’s THE BIG ONE, and I’m very excited! 

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