Annnnd relax!

So I’m back up on the farm after New Designers, and wow, it was an experience! I met a lot of lovely people, new and familiar faces, sent pieces off to new homes, and realised that the next show I do I am definitely taking a stool to perch on!!

I have finally had the time to photograph and list a whole menagerie of creatures on Etsy, do go over and have a look in my shop! Here

I have a new design in the pipeline for an Orca/Killer Whale…which I’ve been chewing over for a while but has turned a corner (the mechanism for the jaw opening and closing needed to be hidden, but also quite wide…this might only make sense to me…haha) and I’ve cracked it…! I think! 

My very own little laser cutter ( a wonderful gift from a relative) should be arriving in the next few weeks too! I’m so excited, it means I will be able to play and tweak designs a lot more, rather than being super-economic with the time I have on a hired one, or paying for expensive outsourcing. 

AND I’m running a little giveaway of a mini articulated flying pig! Go over to my Facebook page to have a look and be in with a chance of winning 🙂

🙂 Hope everyone is enjoying the lovely weather! 

Laura x





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