Ahh so I’m back after an extended holiday in Portugal, and then time spent with loved ones elsewhere, and then a few festivals to boot! But now I’m back with my lasercutter (swoon) and thinking up new ideas and designs. I’m also starting to do bespoke lasercutting for creatives…I found it tricky to use commercial companies who often have a minimum order of around £60, which just isn’t practical when you’re testing or want small items… here’s a link anyway- https://www.facebook.com/lauraslasercutting

So one new product, nice and simple is the hanging owl! It’s a flat (flap, ha, sorry) pack, diy kit which can be painted or left as is. I’m really pleased with it, it’s effective and more of a pocket-money piece, little gift for an owl lover, that sort of thing! Hanging owl


Hanging owlAnd I’ve spent a leisurely Sunday designing the instructions so they wrap around the wood and keep all the pieces together! Pretty chuffed with it! 

Flap pack


And i’ve also designed a little range of buttons too- these piggies…




…and more to come!


It’s SO good being able to think up an idea, sketch it out, draw it up and CUT it all in the same few hours! I do love my laser! 






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